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 RAWR... I wanna donate blood!!

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PostSubject: RAWR... I wanna donate blood!!   Tue Jan 20, 2009 4:32 pm

Ok I'm strange, but one of my joys in life is to donate blood! I ADORE it almost as much as coffee... ^'-'^ So I go to donate today, I've been avoiding si so I would not have questionable marks, this day was marked in my dern calendar. I'm still in the weight category where I can donate... so I'm thinking hey clear shot. I wait that whole dern long hour for a spot to open. I watch girl after girl get turned away, thinking aww poor things. I go get my finger pricked, low iron. Get the prick a second time (ugh the prick hurts worse than donating), and still low iron. I CAN'T donate today. headcomputer I'm so TICKED!!!!

I saw a sign at WallyWorld that in 2 days they have the blood drive there.

Since I can't donate today, should I try again in 2 days haha? Will they allow me to try again in 2 days? Any tips on how to get my iron higher? (yes I know what foods I should eat, but is there anything else that works?)

*whines* I WANNA DONATE!!

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RAWR... I wanna donate blood!!
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