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This site is for pro-ed and pro-recovery. No matter what age, no matter what stage of an ed, no matter what kind of ed, you can find support and tips here.
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 House Rules

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PostSubject: House Rules   Mon Dec 08, 2008 6:17 pm

Time for a family meeting. *pulls up comfty bean-bag chairs for everyone*

Here are the board rules (when not followed posts may be changed, post may be deleted, etc)

Like a Star @ heaven I'm not a dictator king, promise! Cross my heart and hope to... umm... stick a needle in my... wow that is all so harsh... although seriously I'm a nice one. I am all for suggestions, questions on rules, comments. Feel free to pm me with concerns!
Like a Star @ heaven Play nice, no fighting/clawing/name-calling/... you know what play nice means! KEEP IT IN YOUR PMS BOXES! (haha pms how ironic... private messages box*) Personal attacks are NOT permitted.
Like a Star @ heaven Stats/numbers are accepted, but make sure you put trigger warnings before you post them.
Like a Star @ heaven Watch that mature content! I do not want any underage members to be upset/influence... HECK I do not want to see it!
Like a Star @ heaven Be careful... you are online deary.
Like a Star @ heaven What is said in this fun house, stays in the fun house.
Like a Star @ heaven No annoying spam. Rolling Eyes
Like a Star @ heaven POST TRIGGER WARNINGS (in subject lines or before a triggering part of a post)
1.) *ed* = eating disorder
2.) *su* = suicidal mentions (do not post suicide notes)
3.) *si* = self injury
4.) *od* = overdose
5.) *sa* = sexual abuse / *pa* = physical abuse
6.) *la* = excessive language
7.) OT = off topic
Like a Star @ heaven On the note of si and su, no posting methods
Like a Star @ heaven Check out "Pick Up Your Ticket"
Like a Star @ heaven I hold the right to add, delete, or change rules. I will notify you if I do.

Take care!
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House Rules
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