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This site is for pro-ed and pro-recovery. No matter what age, no matter what stage of an ed, no matter what kind of ed, you can find support and tips here.
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 I'm Confused? (how/where to post)

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PostSubject: I'm Confused? (how/where to post)   Fri Dec 12, 2008 11:37 pm

Let's get these posts a-coming and this site a-growing! bounce

How to post?

  • Click on a category. (ex. "The Cafe'") If you find you want to comment on that topic (ex. "Those Dern Must-Hav's") directly, then click the topic and "Post Reply".
  • Go under a category you like (ex. "The Cafe'"); click "New Topic" to start your own topic others will reply on
  • You do not have to wait for me (the admin) or a mod to start a topic... start some of your own!! Grow this forum!!!
  • Feel free to be a post hog! Your title under your username will change with how many posts you let loose. (a fun reward)

Where to post?

(This (the strike-through) are topics you can't post triggering items in)

("usergroup=" means you have to be apart of that usergroup to post; to join a usergroup, click on "Groups" at the top and choose one or two usergroups)

Ticket Booth

  • Welcome Center- This is where you introduce yourself and find my welcome message (P.S. you are currently here)
  • Pick Up Your Tickets Here- This is where you will find information about this site and eating disorders.
  • Family Meetings- This is where the board rules are located, make sure to read them before you post. You can ask questions, make suggestions/comments here.

Group Activities

  • The Cafe'- This is where you can chat about anything off-topic.
  • Shoppin' Street- This is where you can find distractions such as funny quizzes, surveys, and activities.
  • Arcade- Where the forum games are located. FUNNESS
  • Idiom- This is where you post your original art and writing.
  • Build-Your-Own-Clown- This is for whatever random stuff you'd like to come up with.
  • Pudding Tug-a-War- For debates, be civilized please.

Picture Booth

  • Mirror Mirror on the Wall- This is where you can post inspirational pictures, stories, quotes, etc. This is NOT for thinspiration stuff.
  • The Quarters- This is where you create a thread all of your own. You make the rules for your thread (although board guidelines still apply). Ask for advice, rant, journal, ask others to post or not... decorate your thread as YOU like.
  • Spirit- This is where you can talk openly and ask questions about religions. This is not a place to debate religion!
  • Acrobat Buddy- Link up with another member or two. Meet friends, support buddies, etc...

Life Outside the Circus (post triggs!!)

  • Lion Trainers- Find advice and support on recovery (usergroup=Recoveries)
  • Fishbowl- Talk about life during recovery. (usergroup=Recoveries)
  • Ninja's- Talk about recovering from topics other than eating disorders.
  • I'm Positive- Post something positive about your day and about yourself. Encourage others. Do self-esteem building activities.
  • Healthy as a Pony- Post updates on your progress and goals for the future. DO NOT USE THIS IN A NEGATIVE/UNHEALTHY WAY. Post trigger warnings. (usergroup=Recoveries)

Circus Conductors

  • Extra Extra Read All About It- "Tricks/tips", advice, support, diets. PRO-ED (username=Pro Ana/Mia)
  • Distortion- How did your ed start? Distractions to keep your ed a-float. (username=Pro Ana/Mia_
  • Check out the Mirror- VERY TRGGERING; Post thinspirational pictures, stories, lyrics, quotes, etc... (username=Pro Ana/Mia)
  • You Better Work- VERY TRIGGERING; Post your progress, outtake/intake, etc... (username=Pro Ana/Mia)

Tight-Rope Training

  • Dear Eating Disorder- Write your eating disorder a letter.
  • 50 feet off the ground- Challenge your ed thoughts, support others and help them challenge theirs.
  • With an Umbrella, You can't fall- Tell your ed and everyone who you are; "If you really knew me, you'd know..."


  • The Crew- What do your friends and family think of your eating disorder? How are they helping? How are they not helping?
  • The Other-Side- Come here for support and advice for eating disorders apart from Anorexia and Bulimia (usergroup=Other ED's)
  • No Longer Silent- This is a place for those struggling with things apart from eating disorders (usergroup=Mimes)
  • Cotton Candy- Ask advice on school, healthy, family, friends, etc

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I'm Confused? (how/where to post)
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