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This site is for pro-ed and pro-recovery. No matter what age, no matter what stage of an ed, no matter what kind of ed, you can find support and tips here.
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PostSubject: WHAT IS THIS SITE ALL ABOUT?   Fri Dec 12, 2008 2:38 am

Pro-ed AND Pro-recovery, is that possible? Why yes it is. There are two sections in this site that specifically relate to both topics. The other parts of the site are for non-ed related items. Shocked Really it's not difficult I promise.

What is Pro-ed?
Contrary to what you might first believe, pro-ed does not mean someone who likes their eating disorder, nor do they worship it or think it is better to have an eating disorder. We will NEVER suggest that someone "begin" an eating disorder. In fact, if you ask any of us... you might figure out that we promote against it.

Pro-ed means that the person accepts their eating disorder as well as others who have disorders. We offer support to sufferers WITHOUT pressuring them to recover. We do not encourage others to keep the disorder but to help cope with it, understand it, and know that they are not alone. On non pro-ed sites you may find that they accept those who are not ready to recover... but if you want to talk about your eating disorder you are directly or indirectly pressured to recover.

So why the "tips and tricks" and "thinspiration pictures"?
These can feed an eating disorder, we are aware of this. But we are not going to shield someone from these topics. You can find "tips/tricks" and "thinspiration" on your own, without our help... so why hide it? They act as an aid to help someone who would rather die than fail.

Know your enemy. Understanding Anorexia and other Eating Disorders is the best step towards eventually beating them.

Do not misjudge us for being a community that promotes an ed. Many if not most of us think it is brave and worthwhile to recover. Many of us, however, are not ready to begin recovery. We support those who are willing to recover.

"Unlike our stomachs, we are not empty. We are mothers, sons, sisters, girlfriends and boyfriends. We are office workers, writers, firemen, florists and teachers. We laugh, we cry, we fight and we, to be quite honest, have a hard enough time battling our own relentless self hate without being told that we're sick. Don’t you think we know that?" Pure Face

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